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Sasha Sasic

Dancer, choreographer, artistic director

Born in Croatia, she began her dance career in Belgrade, furthering her education in Granada and Madrid.

In Granada she attended the Conservatorio de baile Mayte Gálan, followed by the renowned Amor de Dios flamenco academy in Madrid beside professors: Merche Esmeralda, Cristobal Reyes, Carmela Greco, María Juncal, Antonio Reyes, Miguel Cañas. She has participated in numerous dance ateliers under the guidance of acclaimed dancers such as Joaquin Grilo, Rafael Estévez, Olga Pericet.
In developing her personal flamenco style she has incorporated elements from other disciples such as classical ballet (Nadine Boisouvert, Silvia Piñar, Aurora Zerdan), contemporary dance (Alejandra Illmer, Amelia Caravaca) and theater (Marina Claudio).

She conceived her first performance in 2010, honing and developing her dance and choreography skills. Her performance Café Cantante premiered at the First Flamenco festival in Zagreb in July 2012. With this piece, she won the best dance performance award at the XXIX International Sarajevo Winter festival. In November 2013, together with Anja Mejač she created La Rosa del Penal, which premiered at the CIBRA festival in Toledo. That same year, she became a member of Pedro Fernández's group, performing as a solo dancer in many European countries.
In 2014 and 2015 she devoted herself to Flamencoraneo - an interdisciplinary dance project, which premiered at the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre in Split in June 2015. As part of that project she created and performed several short performances: Delirium (Theatre Nave 73, Madrid) and Confrontation (work in progress). Collaborating with renowned choreographers and musicians from Spain, France, Serbia, Slovenia and Brazil in 2016 she created the full length performance Metamorphosis.

About the company

Flamencoraneo Company

Created by dancer and choreographer Sasha Sasic, Flamencoraneo Company is an international cooperation of several dancers and musicians from Spain, France, Serbia and Slovenia. Their choreographic and music research results directly from their “blended” identities.

After the successful debut of their first performance in May of 2014, the company has continued to develop its creativity, consequently the original performance evolved into a complete play based on a modern versus traditional conflict and reconciliation. Premiered at the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre in Split in June 2015, the piece Metamorphosis was presented at the Coetani Experimental Flamenco Festival, Athens, VI Sibenik Dance Festival, V Flamenco Festival Zagreb, Croatia, the theatre Kino Siska in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the theatre of Mikser in Belgrade and the Novi Sad Synagogue, Serbia.


Mitja Obed

Dancer, choreographer

Mitja Obed was born in Kranj, Slovenia. He started his dance career focused on Latin American dances. He started his first flamenco lesson in 2007 in Ljubljana under Ana Pandur. At the same time, he developed his ballet techniques at the Stevens ballet school in Slovenia.
He has studied flamenco at the world acclaimed Amor de Dios flamenco academy in Madrid, working with many renowned dancers: Maria Juncal, Alfonso Losa, Joaquin Grilo, La Lupi, Olga Pericet, Javier Latorre, Manuel Reyes Maya and Angel Atienza. In 2011 he became a member and one of the choreographers of the Cora Viento group, with whom he has performed the piece Trenutek and V zeleni senci lune. With the Orobroy choreography, he won the best choreography award at the Transgeneracije (Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, 2013).
In 2015 he authored his first piece Kutija, which was performed at the Zagreb dance center and at the Sibenik dance festival.
In 2013 he lead "Un Respiro", a flamenco school in Zagreb.

David Mazón Fierro

Dancer, choreographer

David Mazón Fierro was born in Ecuador. He started his dance education in France, taking contemporary dance lessons from Marcel Murriagui. He obtained a choreography diploma at the Boulogne-Billancourt conservatory (CNR) in Paris, continuing his education at the Center for the Development of Choreography in Toulouse (CDC).
In November 2011 he founded Humanum Dance Company, with which he has performed in France and Ecuador. He collaborated with world-renowned choreographers such as Akram Khan, Byron Paredes, Ruxandra Racovitza, Gigi Caliccuiliano, Ingeborg Liptay, Simona Bucci, Vincent Dupont, Alain Buffard, Mladen Materic, Robyn Orlin and Christian Rizzo. These collaborations have greatly influenced and helped develop his vision and choreography style.
As a dancer, he has performed in many acclaimed companies, such as Pine Bausch's Mascura Fogo performed at the National Theater in Toulouse.

Zoe Sepúlveda


Zoe Sepúlveda started his education as an actor at Cristina Rota’s CNC. At the same time he started his dance career at the Karen Taft dance school in Madrid. After that he trained with a wide list of teachers, but mainly Yolanda Molina as part of their team of dancers, participating in the Invasión Danza concept. Amongst others he was taught by Chevy Muraday, Monica Runde, Elinane Capitoni, Ana Kunzelman, Anahís Cabido and Aurora Zerdán at Escuela Mayor de Danza de Madrid.
He has taken part in ‘Cidade de Ifé’ and ‘Los Orixás de Cidade de Ifé’ shows with the Afro Contemporary Tika Danza Company. He’s also been part of the cast of dancers in ‘Vaya Tropa’, TV show aired on Cuatro (Spanish TV Channel). He worked as a choreographer for child plays such as M2Hteatro’s “En Tiempo de Cuentos” or “El traje del Emperador”, both represented at the Museo del Ferrocarril. And musical comedies such as “Los Colorines” and “Alguien los escribió por ti”, directed by Ana Chavarri, produced by Jose Manuel Pardo and represented at the famous Teatro Amaya. Peris Romano’s “Los Miércoles no existen”, performed during four years at different theatres in Madrid, followed by an important national tour and its movie version by the same director in 2015.
Currently he is teaching at Cristina Rota’s CnC, he belongs to the conceptual dark theatre IRU teatro and he is involved with its two main plays “El Pequeño Verne” and “The Steadfast Tin Soldier”.


Petar Lazarević

Composer, cellist

Petar Lazarević was born in 1990. in Cetinje (Montenegro). He had finished his elementary musical education in Bar, in a class of professor Jurij Sotnichuk from Russia, his secondary education he finished in city Podgorica in a class of professor
Mladen Popović from Montenegro, and later on he enrolled at Musical academy of Belgrade where he finished his master studies in a class of professor Dejan Bozić from Serbia, on a study program of performing art - playing the violoncello, with a highest degree mark from the subjects which define profession, for which he established a professional name: Master of musical degree.

He won myriads of first prizes in solo disciplines in Festival of Strings in towns Herceg Novi and Kotor. He mastered his skills with artists well know such as: Denis Shapovalov (Russia) - Cello International travel academy, Sandra Belić (Serbia) -
Belgrade Cello fest, Georg Baich (Austria), Tobias Stosiek (Austria) and many others.

Now, he is professor of cello and chamber music.

Aleksandar Radojičić

Composer, percussionist

Aleksandar Radojičić - Percussionist and builder of percussion musical instruments. 20 years active in the scene with rich international experience. He has collaborated with many bands: Arhai, and Fish in Oil, Amaro Del, Flamencoraneo Company, Kal with whom he was on a US tour and 5 times appeared as opening act band Gogol Bordello. Singer-songwriter and one of the frontman of the duo "Sanda & Shoica".

Boris Magdalenc

Composer, percussionist and hang player

Boris Magdalenc is a percussionist and hang player from Slovenia.
Over years he had collaborated with various Slovenian and foreign artists and played concerts in Slovenia and abroad.
At the moment he is focusing mostly on his project: Skarabej - Music for Hang and Violin.He produced music for theatre, documentaries and dance pieces.